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Nata Traub, who has traveled the World, (the daughter of wandering parents), settled into Piermont when it came time to raise her own children, eighteen years ago. In her past lives, she has been a textile designer, a children's milliner, and owned a women's clothing Boutique. She has been professionally catering for the last 20 years. Her love of cooking, entertaining, and creating spread into Cocktails several years ago, with the rise of the Mixology and Craft of the Cocktail Movement. Creating new Cocktails, searching out the unusual and exotic, as well as local sources guides her through exploration of all things Cocktail. She is presently working on bringing her own brand of Cocktail syrups and flourishes to market. She is available for events, consultations, and extensive quaffing. Find her at Nata's Cocktails on Facebook (the virtual cocktail lounge), or directly at Natascocktails@aol.com.
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