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My name is Galina Chernykh, and I am delighted to be your new Library Director.I have loved libraries all my life. In fact, my grandfather owned a publishing house back in the Ukraine, so my family had access to the most wonderful books. Growing up, I developed a fierce passion for reading, education, and intellectual freedom. Today, I happily look forward to new challenges at Harrison Public Library. I dream of adding more technology, of connecting people across generations, and of helping everyone navigate this constantly changing digital world. Most of all, I want to learn from you. What services and products do you want from your library? What do you value? What can we do together to make the library a vital hub of the Harrison community? I believe that our community's intellectual and social well being depend greatly on the existence of libraries. A well-run library provides an invaluable place to grow, learn, laugh and establish relationships that will nurture and flourish over a lifetime. Let's build something wonderful together. Please stop by and say hello, or send me your ideas at gchernykh@wlsmail.org. I look forward to meeting you. Warmly, Galina Chernykh Library Director
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