Your Week in Love, Horoscopes by Melissa: Feb 11-15

Your weekly horoscope as written by psychic-medium, Melissa Spencer. www.TheMerryOwl.com

ARIES  March 21 - April 19

  • The Week: Spontaneous
  • The Mood: Anything can and will happen
  • The Outlook: This week should feel like a whirlwind of love, excitement and adventure. You are the star of the show, as everyone is totally drawn to your cosmic energy. Expect plenty of gifts, smiles, hugs and laughter to come your way from friends, co workers, family and especially your lover. If you are single, this week you will surely have romance, which may blossom into something more. It is definitely going to be intense and passionate. If you are with someone, expect to be showered with gifts, compliments and perhaps a very special surprise indicating commitment!


TAURUS April 20 - May 20

  • The Week: Unusual
  • The Mood: Competitive
  • The Outlook: This week may not turn out exactly as you envisioned. You may find that the one you love, is really the one you lust. There is jealousy at hand and you must take your suspicions of infidelity with a very large grain of salt. Your energy is paranoid in your love life. You feel as though you are not worthy of true, happy and healthy love. This week would be a great opportunity to let go of fear so that your heart can open wide to receive the love you so much deserve and desire.


GEMINI May 21 -June 20

  • The Week: Abundant, Fulfilling
  • The Mood: Euphoric
  • The Outlook: Gemini is feeling on top of the world this week. You will see seeds you have planted are truly sprouting with all the nourishment you have put in. Treat yourself to a much deserved reward, but stay focused and keep your eye on the prize. If you are in a relationship, this week will be fascinating even to you, Gemini. You will be shocked with how beautiful life can truly be. If you are single, you will feel confident in your own world that you are working on. This week should prove to be fantastic and even a little life altering, in a good way.


CANCER June 21 - July 22

  • The Week: Joyous, Satisfying, Pleasurable
  • The Mood: Complete
  • The Outlook: You will finally have the opportunity to reflect on all that has gone on recently. Your feelings of exhaustion are over, and this week will replenish you spiritually and emotionally. The pieces of your emotional puzzle will slowly but surely start to show signs of coming together. Your love life this week will serve as your greatest pleasure even if you are single. All your ducks are in a row, all you have to do now is make them quack.

LEO July 23 - August 22

  • The Week: Inspirational
  • The Mood: "On a roll"
  • The Outlook: Things are happening fast for you right now, Leo. This week will be filled with entertainment and surprises. Chances are you will find yourself at a couple of parties mingling with old and new friends alike. This week is all about new things for you, Leo, in particular you will learn a valuable lesson in the way you handle your romantic relationships. Embrace the excitement but don't go overboard.

VIRGO August 23 - September 22

  • The Week: Humbling
  • The Mood: Uncomfortable
  • The Outlook: You have a tendency to overlook the feelings of your friends, family and especially your loved one. You will experience a blow to your ego this week coming from your lover or love interest. Take this as a humbling learning experience. You must never forget that the other people in your life's feelings matter just as much as yours do. Stay strong, don't be defensive and keep maturity on the forefront of your mind.


LIBRA September 23 - October 22

  • The Week: Disappointing
  • The Mood: Impatient
  • The Outlook: This week isn't going to go as planned. You are expecting a lot from your lover and your friends. You have a tendency to build up romantic ideas and then feel let down when they don't pan out just right. Take a step back and just let things fall as they may. Be grateful for the love that does come your way, and do not be resentful or jealous if you don't get what you want.

SCORPIO October 23 - November 21

  • The Week: Intense
  • The Mood: Passion, Anger
  • The Outlook: Be very cautious this week, Scorpio. Things are going to get very intense, very quickly. Your temper will be pushed to the utmost limit. If you need to separate yourself from a situation or a person, don't think twice. You must be on guard this week, someone very close to you is trying to use you as their punching bag. Do not lose control but, do not take the abuse. However, do not be afraid to voice your concerns and take appropriate action.

AQUARIUS January 20 - February 18

  • The Week: A struggle
  • The Mood: Confusion
  • The Outlook:  You may feel like a victim of circumstances this week. You and your lover are going to come to an impasse. Go with your gut on this, if you have suspicions of infidelity or wrong-doing on their part, don't be afraid to bring it up. However, don't let outside influences such as friends, family and old flames influence your decision making. If you are single, expect to come to this same impasse, not with your lover but with one of your closest friends. This blip on your radar is a sign telling you that there is a personal life lesson to be learned.

CAPRICORN December 22 - January 19

  • The Week: Intense
  • The Mood: Enlightened
  • The Outlook: You are starting to see the true nature of someone very close to you. It may be your lover, your best friend, your business partner, or all of the above. You have spent so much time trying to avoid conflict, but you must now meet it head on and take action. It's time to eliminate people (or a person) in your life that are doing you harm, trying to deceit you, and causing toxic events. You should be very proud of your courage this week, for you are only human, and to be strong in this time is something to be proud of.

SAGITTARIUS November 22 - December 21

  • The Week: Brand new
  • The Mood: Refreshed, Alive, Confident
  • The Outlook: This week will bring you abundance in many different realms of your life. You may come up with a new business idea, or a shift in focus. Do not hesitate or second guess, take this idea and run. You are on the verge of something new and exciting. This may be the beginning of a journey worth risking your time and money for. The outcome of your bold moves in love and career will pay off. You have the green light on everything, take the bull by the horns and get on it!

PISCES February 19 - March 20

  • The Week: Loving
  • The Mood: Thoughtful, Sensual
  • The Outlook: Don't hold back on giving all your love this week. You have so much love to give. Make this week about someone you love whether it be your partner or friend. Show them how much you really care, by performing a very meaningful act to their person. This act will not go unnoticed. You will what get back what you give so don't be afraid to give it your all.

Melissa Spencer is a psychic medium and owner of The Merry Owl,which offers mediumship, tarot card readings, reiki, cleansings, gifts and more at 50 Main St. in Dobbs Ferry and can be reached at (914) 231-5705.

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