Rockland County CYO Basketball Well-Represented at Championships

St. Augustine, St. Paul teams take big wins.

There were 12 games played between 24 CYO basketball teams from all over New York at the CYO Championships this weekend. Rockland had a strong presence with nine teams at the Championships, which was easily the most teams coming from one county.

Four of the nine Rockland teams left as champions, while another four Rockland squads lost their final game by a single point, (and St Gregory’s Debs lost by two). In other words, eight of the nine Rockland teams were within a single basket of tying or winning their respective games.

“It was a rough day (Sunday) for Rockland. We had a few teams lose at the buzzer but in the end there were just a lot of great games,” said Rockland CYO Director Tom Collins.

“It was a great overall season for Rockland County. Losses shouldn’t be a deterrent. They teach you about sportsmanship and toughness. I was very pleased and impressed with how our kids displayed themselves in both defeat and victory. It shows that our coaches are really doing a great job with these kids,” added Collins.

Saturday’s Scores:

Bantam – St. Charles’ 34 – 21 St. Patrick’s

Small Fry – St Joseph’s -23 – 22 St. Paul’s

Gidgets – St. Peter’s 26 – 16 St. Ann’s

Cadettes – St Paul’s 41 – Our Lady Star of the Sea

Debs – Sacred Heart 25 – 23 St Gregory’s

Girls J.V. – St Augustine’s 42 – 39 St. Clare’s

TYRO – St. Joseph’s 42 – 29 St. Brendan’s

Boys J.V. – Immaculate Heart of Mary 39 – 22 St. Martin’s

Sunday’s Scores:

Novice – St. Teresa’s 11 – 10 St. Augustine’s

Rookie – Sacred Heart 25 – 16 St. Paul’s

Girls Varsity – Ann Seaton 35 – 34 St. Anthony’s

Boys Varsity – St. Gregory’s 37 – 36 St. Augustine’s

diana brown March 30, 2011 at 02:54 AM
What a season the 4th grade St Peter's Girls had! They have a record of 25-0!!!!! And no mention of them..... What a shame..... They made history for St Peters. They were the first girls team to bring home the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! I am very proud of the girls and continue to wish them luck and success in their basketball journeys. Sincerely, A Proud Gidgets Mom.
Mimi March 30, 2011 at 03:13 AM
Happily our girls have a supportive group of parents, family and friends to praise them in their victory. 25-0 and first St. Peters of Haverstraw Girls team to clinch the State title!!! Yet, sadly they are incorrectly and barely recognized in the press. Well, our girls are Blessed and so are we so we will always prevail. They'll do it again next year and then they can't be ignored :-) Proud Parent of a 4th Grade State Champion!
Taryn March 30, 2011 at 02:28 PM
Congrats to all of the CYO teams! But... how about mentioning the 4th grade girls St. Peter's team who work their tails off until the very end to bring home the State Championship! These girls showed their love and dedication to the sport in every game...they deserve to be acknowledged for their awesome year! Congrats girls! We know your worth!!
Mimi March 31, 2011 at 08:43 PM
Hi Robert, Thank you very much for graciously acknowledging the omission. Guess we are a little sensitive when it comes to our girls! :-) Your apology is completely accepted. We look forward to seeing the feature article and thank you for offering to do this for our girls. Sincerely, Monique...mom of a St. Peters 4th Grade State Champion :-)
Mrs. D April 01, 2011 at 01:11 AM
Hi Rob, Thanks for all your support and assistance. We look forward to the feature article and working with you. Thanks St. Peter's MOM


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