School Election Results

Budgets pass in the Tarrytowns and Pocantico Hills.

Poor weather and a lower-than-expected turnout didn't at all affect the approval of a $64,754,404 TUFSD school budget on Tuesday. 

"Turnout was a little lower than expected, but other than that it was a positive day," said Nelly Valentin, Secretary to Superintendent/District Clerk.

Local voters in the villages approved the budget by a vote of 747 to 451.

The budget in a 2.71 percent tax increase. Due to the way the burden is split between the two villages, there would be a 3.65 percent tax increase in Tarrytown and a 1.44 percent increase in Sleepy Hollow.

For the Board of Education race, incumbent trustees Sheila Conklin and Katharine Swibold held the day. Newcomer Ken Torosian congratulated incumbents on their victory at the School District's central offices on Tuesday night, but noted he would continue to make his voice heard.

"We did this campaign in three weeks, and there are a lot of people who believe in the message. I'm going to keep coming here and delivering it," Torosian said.

Union Free School District of the Tarrytowns

2011-2012 Budget

Yes No Sleepy Hollow 324 209 Tarrytown 423 242 Total 747 451

Increasing Busing Distance for Washington Irving School 

Yes No Sleepy Hollow 368
Tarrytown 482
Total 850

Purchase of Buses for the School District

Yes No Sleepy Hollow 333
Tarrytown 456
Total 789

Board of Education Trustees  

Sheila Conklin Sleepy Hollow 254 Tarrytown
372 Total 626 Katharine Swibold
Sleepy Hollow 283 Tarrytown 370 Total 653 Ken Torosian
Sleepy Hollow 289 Tarrytown 248 Total 537


Pocantico Hills Central School District

2011-2012 Budget 

Yes - 234

No - 115

Bus Proposition

Yes - 216

No - 121

Board of Education Trustees  

John Conrad - 306

Florence McCue - 83

Joan Waters Cusanelli - 277

Katherine Yu -  64

ASleepyBoy May 18, 2011 at 12:55 PM
Although I am happy to see that someone else has an understanding of the spelling and grammar, I cannot fault NY Firefighter for his initial criticism especially when, save for a few grammatical errors, it was written MUCH better than the majority of what is posted on patch.com. That being said, it is incredibly disturbing that our nation coddles our populace (immigrants as well as people born here) and not only allows but promotes their not learning the English language. Despite there being no Constitutional amendment nor US code stating that English is our official language, our history is clear on this issue in that our Constitution, amendments, Declaration of Independance, codes, regulations and our entire US history are based on the English language. Furthermore, English is a language used throughout the world for trade, finance and technology and not learning it puts a person at an immediate disadvantage. Unless immigrants and their children want to stay working as day laborers or in other lower paying jobs, this process must stop. How can someone who does not appreciate the importance of learning English make informed decisions about our (and their) childrens education especially when, more often than not, they do not make sure that their own children are learning the language properly and exceed in their education? This issue is at the root of why our educational system is currently in such shambles and we can't keep our budgets in check.
ralph brady May 18, 2011 at 01:15 PM
Well spoken Sleepy Boy.
ASleepyBoy May 18, 2011 at 01:39 PM
As for the budget, while I am pleased that concessions were made and that some thought was actually put into this budget, I am still dismayed that the few voters who made it out did not at least press for a harder look at the budget. Our current budgets and those that have long come before it in our villages, Westchester, NY State and the whole country are based on an attempt to make cuts from the existing budgets which are themselves based on flawed existing processes. These cuts are akin to trying to trim the fat from the fattiest piece of meat received from a shady butcher who himself gets all his meat from a distributor selling only fatty and overfed cattle. Sure it is tasty but it certainly will not be healthy in the long run, year after year.... What we need to do is go to the source and grow the cattle (i.e. the system) in a way that avoids the need to make too many cuts. How to do this? I have no answer but I do know that the current method is not working and simply accepting this as the status quo will eventually end the same way that eating nothing but overly fat meat would do to your health.......
Sean Roach May 18, 2011 at 01:58 PM
The results posted for Board of Trustee elections had the numbers for Tarrytown and Sleepy switched. The outcome was the same, but the numbers have been corrected.
Myles Birrittella September 15, 2011 at 04:00 PM
Now that everyone has received their 2011-2012 School Tax bill; what was your actual increase over last year? According to this article, published the day after the budget passed, there was to be a 2.71 tax increase this year. 3.65% in Tarrytown and 1.44% in Sleepy Hollow due to the equalization rate. Based on my calculation, my school taxes in Tarrytown increased 8.5% year over year. Has anyone else noticed the same? Valuation stayed same, although the estimate of full market value of my property decreased 11.9%. Must say I'm confused. Anyone else have similar increases?


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