Rye City School Bond Referendum Defeated

In a vote of 306 votes, Rye City residents defeated a $19.9 million school bond referendum.

At 9:50 p.m., the Rye City School Board of Education certified the defeat of the $19.9 million referendum. With a 306 vote margin– 1471 Yes votes and 1777 No votes, the monies which the board had hoped would be directed toward the construction of new classrooms and renovation of existing facilities would not be forthcoming 

Before adjourning the meeting to certify the election's results President Laura Slack made a statement which included the following remarks:

"Although the board is disappointed...Our challenges have not changed ...Unfortunately, those who could not vote, our children, are the true losers tonight."

Slack expressed her frustration that a well-mobilized campaign of what she charactized as misinformation had been directed toward defeat of the bond.

NY Firefighter December 15, 2011 at 04:56 AM
Part II, (sorry that my rambling ran out of room) Your comment, "This vote makes us wonder if we've made the right choice", has me guessing that you have not made the "right" choice in picking Rye for your stop over. I am sorry that you can't fathom a difference of opinion and an open election as a good thing. I see you didn't even comment of the low voter turnout percentage. Lastly, you mention that it a "loss situation" for your "children" and your "investment". So, by voting "no" we hurt your home value? Sell now and use the cash to get your kids into RCDS. You weren't planning on growing old here anyway.
NY Firefighter December 15, 2011 at 05:22 AM
Gail, I am sure you forgot that the monies that retired individuals receive are an "earned benefit" paid for by past contributions, like an IRA, not an entitlement handed out by your generosity today. As for falling behind, how about instilling personal responsibility and accountability in our children. Just like our parents, at least some of them, did with us. Lets have parents stop doing homework for kids, calling teacher to negotiate a better grade, or bringing a lawyer to school when the kid gets caught cheating or plagiarizing, oh, and God forbid, bring in lawyers to revoke suspensions for getting drunk and pissing in swimming pools on school trips. As I told my kids, "if I have to come to Police headquarters to get you, I am going to get a good nights sleep first." Make our kids work harder to succeed, that will breed success. Let them "work" and "earn". Get rid of the sense of entitlement and instill a sense of "earned reward". That will help more than "million dollar classrooms". After all, kids are sitting on dirt floors and learning all around the world, and most of those kids will be better prepared for the realities of real life outside the "Rye Bubble".
S. B. December 15, 2011 at 12:56 PM
Enough of all this back and forth. It is getting us nowhere. School bonds here have failed before. Rye did not crumble, house prices did not plummet and children still received an excellent education. What did happen was that a new bond was brought forth, public forums were held and the bond was passed. Let's take all the energy that is being used up in writing comments and laying blame and put it to work on developing a new bond suggestion. This time, let's have the public discussion before the vote. This is how work gets done.
RyeDad December 15, 2011 at 11:48 PM
NY Firefighter: I'm guessing no one from the Rye Hysterical Society would even recognize your family name. In case your wondering I voted No. Those labs were fine enough when we were there. $20,000,000? Playoffs? Playoffs..........................
Bob Zahm March 09, 2012 at 08:28 PM
Per Friends of the RSCD, the revised bond proposal will ONLY cost you 69 cents/day. That’s $5,037 over 20 years. Not bad. Great headline. But even better (and doable if the Board takes the RIGHT step) is 0 cents/day. Over 20 years, that’s still … wait for it … 0 cents! The kids get the classrooms they need. And the tax payers get a cost effective school district. If you’re happy with the $5k option, vote YES on Tuesday. If you’re not, then speak up. Time is running out.


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