Memorial Service Set For Tyler Madoff

The service will be held in New Rochelle for the Scarsdale High School student, according to media reports.

The family of White Plains teen Tyler Madoff is holding a memorial service for the Scarsdale High student on July 26.

According to reports in Newsday and The Journal News today, Tyler's father said the family will celebrate the 15-year-old, who perished after being swept out to sea in Honolulu July 4, on July 26 in New Rochelle.

Michael Madoff told the news outlets that the service is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. Thursday, July 26, at Glen Island Park in New Rochelle.

The rising junior at Scarsdale High School was a member of the team, and an all-around athlete.

On Saturday evening, friends and family gathered to pay tribute to Tyler Madoff at Scarsdale High School.

Mr. and Mrs. Madoff both attended the service, organized by students at SHS.

“We’re incredibly touched," Tyler’s mom, f, said to the crowd Saturday. "He loved it here. He loved Scarsdale. Hug your parents, even when they make you crazy. And hug your kids, even when they make you crazy.”

His teammates shared memories of Tyler with Patch.

Alexa Pappas, a student at Scarsdale High School, spoke about his involvement in crew.

Pappas said Tyler had a big love for crew. "My fondest memory is on a Monday when he had just returned from a long weekend of crew competitions and (he) told me about the metals he had won. He was very nice, easy to talk to, and all around a fun guy. I am really going to miss him."

Madeline Spencer, a recent graduate of Hackely High School and also a member of(PCRA) with Madoff, spoke of their close friendship.

“Tyler was a good friend and an awesome teammate," Spencer said. "He was always smiling and lent a hand to anyone that needed it. I met him (in the) spring when he was a freshman and he was so sassy when I first met him, but in a good way. This past spring he and I became fairly close."

Spencer recalled Tyler as being "chivalrous. I remember he was sitting at a table during a team dinner and I jokingly asked him to give up his seat and without complaint or comment he got up and held out the chair for me,” she said.

-Cara Nesi contributed to this report.


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