Bedford Central May Hire Security Group, Monitors

Aside from requesting local police, superintendent says that a request for proposals is being worked on for a private firm and campus monitors for the middle school.

The Bedford Central School District is in the process of finalizing a request for proposals for a private security firm for the areas of its schools.

Jere Hochman confirmed the plan to Patch and also said that Fox Lane Middle School would get campus monitors, in addition to ones who already work at Fox Lane High School.

The security firm can be brought on even if is not agreed to, Hochman explained, according to a video of Wednesday's school board meeting.

When asked whether the district would use the $200,000 in fund balance that the school board authorized to spend at a meeting earlier this month on security, for the purpose of paying for the towns' police presences, Hochman wrote the following response:

"While I see both sides of the argument, I believe it is the Town and Village responsibility to provide police presence in public spaces.  Still, if that is not feasible, I will use district funds to provide perimeter supervision and deterrence for the remainder of the school year.  By then, the district’s Safety Committee will have recommendations for the future."

Having more people near the schools for security purposes has been discussed for the remainder of the current school year.

Bedford Supervisor Lee Roberts and Mount Kisco Mayor Michael Cindrich have both acknowledged the district's request. Hochman told Patch that he has not heard from Pound Ridge Supervisor Gary Warshauer, but that he is in touch wtih Pound Ridge Police Chief David Ryan.

Vincent Tophoff January 27, 2013 at 12:44 AM
Armed guards, if only it would be effective... See e.g., Andrew Rosenthal's blog titled The "More Guns" Argument. Here an excerpt: "In the movies, the bad guys can empty 200 rounds at the Green Hornet and miss every time, while the good guys can knock a man off a fire escape from 200 feet with a rusty pistol, but here are a few facts from the real world: In 1999, New York police officers who were actually trained to use their weapons when seconds count (i.e., unlike civilians), fired 41 shots at Amadou Diallo and missed 22 times. Last August, two New York police officers fired 16 rounds in an altercation with an armed man outside the Empire State Building. Ten people were hit – the gunman and nine bystanders." I know, these are just examples, but also the statistics don't support the argument that more armed guards is the most effective means to further increase our children's safety. See also the US mortality tables.
Ben January 27, 2013 at 12:55 PM
Lloyd - nobody cares about the NRA - at least not in this discussion. We are advocating having a police officer in the school. It is about childrens safety, and is not a gun control debate - save that for another day. Why does this simple question about having a cop in schools threaten you? In response to some of your points - are you a cop, or in the military, or a security expert? How can you be so sure what 'may' have happened at Newton or in Colorado? We do not know if someone could have stopped them, because the cowards attacked unarmed locations. They attacked children cowering in corners, and civilians -all unarmed. The moment police arrived in CT, Lanza shot himself. And Holmes certainly did not stop before police arrived. Police are the good guys, Lloyd. As for the BCSD playing into the hands of the NRA - no need to worry, Lloyd, they are on your side. They take the same weak position, discuss it for months, and do nothing. Hochmans 'let the towns decide, i support it' was simple cover his butt. You say the shool district should advocate the gun control position with time, energy and $. That is not the BCSD job. They should protect the students to the full extent possible, and teach them how to read and write. You want to go after the NRA, feel free - just stop cluttering this particular discussion with foolish talking points.
Ben January 27, 2013 at 01:18 PM
Vincent - your argument that more armed guards is not the most effective means to protect children, may be valid. I am sure a 360 degree enhancement of school security is necassary. And, understanding mental health, and assessing behavior also important. But, you should agree, that an officer will enhance these procedures. With everything else in place, a cop will make the school safer. I struggle with one point you make - 'at Empire State bldg cops fired 16 rounds at an armed man in an altercation' - are you trying to make it sound like the armed man was inoccent? Was the altercation about a parking ticket? Keep it in context, please! The 'armed man' had just shot a man in the head in broad daylight and left his bloodied dead body in the street. Cops succesfully stopped him as he tried to flee - maybe saving another few lives. It is extremely unfortunate that others were hit - very-very bad - maybe the police need better training, or better protocol, or have tighter hiring standards, I may agree. This should also be addressed. But what are you saying, we should not have cops either?? I am happier they killed the guy, than not - he was a cold-blooded murderer about to get away.
Joe January 27, 2013 at 07:36 PM
Ben - I am a local resident who is a US Army veteran, a retired NYPD detective and a security consultant. I have a son-in-law who went to Sandy Hook and two of my grandchildren are of the age of the children who were slaughtered in Newtown. Has anyone stopped for a minute and thought about how long it would take to rid this country of guns if a law was passed tomorrow to make the possession of guns illegal. Probably 25 to 50 years and we still wouldn't get them all. So how do we protect the children until then? Added security. The people who commit these heinous crimes against society prey on those who are unable defend themselves. They may be in a movie theater, a classroom or a Long Island Rail Road car. Our children need to be protected because they can't protect themselves.
mark February 07, 2013 at 07:31 PM
i think the national guard should be used for this, they use them in GCT as an example. $4mil is way too much unless you take the money from elsewhere in the school budgets. Lets see what they priority really is, safety or ball fields and entrances


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