By the Numbers: 68 Percent of Putnam Voters Voted

With Election Day behind us, voting officials comb through numbers.

Despite the effects of Sandy still being felt, and grueling lines at polling places across the nation on Tuesday, Putnam County saw an Election Day devoid of drama, officials told Patch.

Sixty-eight percent of the county's eligible voters visited the 21 polling places between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. Tuesday, said Putnam election commissioner Anthony G. Scannapieco, Jr.

Scannapieco did not have the exact number behind that percentage immediately available.

None of the county's polling places had to close due to lack of power, or even rely on generators.

"Every place had electricity," Scannapieco said.

Late last week, 15 of the 21 voting stations had power, even though tens of thousands of Putnam resident remained in the dark at home.

And while long lines were the status quo nationally Tuesday, Scannapieco said it was not an issue in Putnam.

"I know there were lines, but everyone got their vote in before 9 p.m.," he said. "And I haven't heard any complaints about lines."

Had there still been a line after 9 p.m., everyone in the queue who joined before 9 p.m. would be allowed to vote, Scannapieco said.

"You just put a police officer at the end of the line," he explained.


For comprehensive election coverage, results and photos, click here.


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