Patch Guide for Rye Elections

Here’s Patch’s guide on all you need to know before you cast your vote in next Tuesday's election.

Next Tuesday, November 8 is Election Day in New York. Rye voters will select three City Council candidates and vote for the County Legislator, District 7 seat.

Whether you're still deciding for whom to vote or are puzzled about the new voting machines, Patch's guide should supply you with all the information you need before you enter the voting booth. Including links to debate forum, candidate videos and websites.

Information about the candidates was submitted to the League of Women Voters Rye, Rye Brook and Port Chester.

Candidate Forum:

League of Women Voters of Rye, Rye Brook and Port Chester 

Larchmont Mamaroneck Community Television

*A Guide to the Races 

Rye City Council: Vote for three, term of 4 years 

(Republican, Conservative, Independence)

Education: BA, Trinity College; JD, Fordham University School of Law


Prior Civic Service: Rye Historical Society, President; Landmarks Advisory Committee; Rye Town Park Citizen's Advisory Committee; Twig member; Junior League of Westchester on the Sound, Statewide Public Affairs Chair

Statement: Public engagement and responsible decision-making will be critical as we face future challenges. We must preserve Rye's history and strengths, protect our quality of life, and at the same time deliver the maximum services for your tax dollars. The Best for Rye team believes that it is essential that we engage the public as we meet these challenges.

I have been an active part of our community for many years. I have a demonstrated ability to lead, listen respectfully, build consensus, and deliver results. If elected I, together with my running mates Joe Sack and Rafael Elias-Linero, will always work for what is Best for Rye.

Web Site:www.bestforrye.com


Campaign Phone: 481-4228

(Republican, Conservative, Independence)

Education: Yale University, School of Management, Masters Degree in Public and Private Management (MPPM)

Senior Economic and Financial Analyst

Prior Civic Service: International Advisor to the presidential campaign of H.E. Vicente Fox, 1999-2000 (PAN, National Action Party); Permanent member (presidential appointment) to PAN foreign relations committee

Statement: Our City will undoubtedly face unprecedented challenges in the next few years. With limited revenues, tax caps, and substantial financial commitments such as unfunded, mandated liabilities and capital improvement projects, choosing proactive leaders that can think outside the box will be key to best tackle these issues.

The BEST for Rye team is committed to demonstrate positive, independent leadership that will privilege the exchange of ideas and will act efficiently and expeditiously to implement the best and most harmonious solutions for our City.

I personally will commit my extensive financial skills and expertise to analyze the best options available to the City and to develop creative ways to better manage the challenges ahead.

The BEST for Rye team is ready to work to ensure the quality of life that makes Rye a premiere community.

Web Site:www.BESTforRYE.com


Campaign Phone: (914) 844-1325

Paula Gamache (Democrat, Working Families)

Education: BA, Wellesley College; MBA, Harvard Business School

Bankruptcy Restructuring

Prior Civic Service: Rye City Council member, Recession Planning Task Force member, Rye Finance Committee member, Deputy Mayor, 2011; Wellesley-in-Westchester president and treasurer

Statement: City Councilwoman with four years experience in challenging times; Focus on minimizing taxes efficient use of resources maintaining high level of service, improving quality of life.

Website: www.ticketofexperience.com


Joshua Nathan (Democrats, Working Families)

Education: AB, Vassar College; JD, Cornell University Law School


Prior Civic Service: Rye City School District Board of Education, President 2008-2011; Member 2003-Present; Chair of Audit, Collective Bargaining, Policy, Senior Administrative Search Committees

Statement: Past President Rye Schools BOE. Via consensus building led School District through toughest economy, settled teachers’ contract, settled Osborn litigation. Will bring experience to City Council for prudent fiscal management

Website: www.ticketofexperience.com


Catherine Parker (Democrats, Working Families)

Education: BA, Providence College


Prior Civic Service: City Council Member, 2007–Present; Advisory Board Member, Rye Arts Center; President, Rye Chamber of Commerce; League of Women Voters  Rye, Rye Brook, Port Chester Chapter

Statement: Council liaison, Playland and CBD;Two percent tax cap without mandate relief puts additional burden to keep up infrastructure; Sale of 1037 Boston Post Rd crucial to offset burden

Website: www.teamofexperience.com


(Republican, Conservative, Independence)

Education: AB, Holy Cross College; JD, Fordham Law School


Prior Civic Service: Rye City Council, 2008- present, Zoning Board, 2004-2007; Rye Town Park Commission, 2010-present

Statement: I am a fiscally responsible, independent, outspoken and passionate advocate for what is best for Rye. Please re-elect me and elect my teammates Brett and Elias-Linero to Rye City Council.

Website: www.bestforrye.com


District 7, County Legislator: Term of 2 years

(Republican, Conservative)


Education: BA, Bryn Mawr College; MBA, New York University

Prior Civic Service: Rye City Council, 2010-Present; Co-President. Midland PTO, 2007-2009; Chair, Twig Organization, 2004-2005; President, Twig Inc., 2004-2005; Rye Playland Committee, 2002-2006

Statement: I will work hard to end excessive spending to put the County on a financially sustainable path, safeguard essential programs and services, and provide real tax relief to Westchester's residents. I will always put the needs and interests of my constituents ahead of partisan politics and ideology. I will fight to protect the County from Federal overreach and costly unfunded state mandates.

My policy priorities include: 1. Control spending 2. Tax relief 3. Protect and improve the County's core programs, services, and investments.

My proven record in bringing diverse groups of people and organizations together, forging creative partnerships, and building consensus will allow me to address the issues most important to my constituents. I will bring independent thought, a willingness to listen, and a genuine commitment to dialogue to the Board of Legislators. With new leadership, the Board can again become an effective team for improving the County's quality of life.

Web Site:friendsofsuzannakeith.com/


Judy Myers (Democrat, Working Families, Independence)


Education: BA, Lewis and Clark College

Prior Civic Service: Legislator, Westchester County, 2005-present; Town Councilwoman, Town of Mamaroneck, 1999-2005; County Board of Health; Board Member United Way Westchester-Putnam; Rye YMCA; Mamaroneck CAP Center

Statement: Work to lower property tax burden on Westchester’s families; preserve essential public safety & health services; continue environmental protection of Long Island Sound; preserve public parks and secure infrastructure.

Web Site:ElectJudyMyers.com


Campaign Phone: (914) 833-0597

Edward Borelli (Republican, Conservative)

Robert DiBella (Democrat, Republican)

Paul Marx (Democrat, Working Families, Independence)

*Where to Vote in Rye

Rye residents have several local polling places. You can visit the county's website and enter your address to find which of the polling places below is your designated voting place.


1051 Boston Post Road; Rye, NY 10580


281 Midland Ave; Rye, NY 10580 


3 Parsons Street; Rye, NY 10580


560 Milton Road; Rye, NY 10580


330 Boston Post Road; Rye, NY 10580

Rye Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Election Inspectors will be on hand to assist voters with the new machines. For further information, call the Westchester County Board of Elections at (914)-995-5700 or visit their website at www.westchestergov.com/boe.

*Using the New Voting Machines

New York is the last state in the country to implement new voting technology after a federal law was passed in 2002 that mandated changes in the voting process in the wake of the 2000 Gore vs. Bush election. , is an update from the lever machines that voters throughout county have used during previous election cycles.

Here is a quick step-by-step guide for how to use the new voting machines (provided in a previous story by our reporter, William Reynolds):

1.  When a voter enters the polling place, they will be handed a scannable ballot. They will then be escorted to a privacy booth area where they will physically mark the ballot with a special marking pen.

2.  The voter will then place the completed ballot into a privacy sleeve and take it to the scanning machine.  

 3. The voter will then take the ballot out of the privacy sleeve and feed it into the scanning machine.   

 4. If everything is filled correctly on the ballot, the scanning machine will read 'Ballot Successfully Cast.'   

5. If, however, there is a problem, either with a 'blank ballot,' a ballot with an over vote—say for instance, the voter marked three choices for an office that calls for vote for any two candidates, or a misread—the ballot will be rejected. The ImageCast will notify voters with a series of beeps combined with a warning message on the screen if the ballot is not acceptable. The voter will have two more opportunities to successfully cast his or her ballot, for a total of three opportunities to cast their ballot.

***Voters who want a complete overview of how to use the ImageCast can visit the Westchester County Board of Elections website to download of PDF presentation of the new voting technology

Bob Zahm November 01, 2011 at 11:16 PM
Interesting comments, Ted C. But what's your take on the Rye City Council race?
HEALtheHARBOR.com November 05, 2011 at 01:45 AM
RYE VOTERS NEED TO SEND MAYOR FRENCH and TWO STRATEGICALLY SILENT COUNCILMEMBERS AN ELECTION MESSAGE. For the past five years, both Paula Gamache and Catherine Parker have been silent on neglected health, safety and environmental issues out on Hen Island. Not only has Ms. Gamache been silent but her husband Serge Nivelle served on the zoning board of appeals in 2008 when a home on Hen Island was approved for construction without meeting any of the current Rye City or Westchester County codes for sewage or potable water. Ms. Gamache’s husband voted in favor of allowing this application to proceed. Why reward council persons for not speaking up against pollution, health and safety risks? On November 8th help send a message to Mayor French and the entire Rye City Council by not reelecting Paula Gamache and Catharine Parker to the Rye City Council.
Phillip Watson Wellstone November 05, 2011 at 11:51 PM
And Catherine Parker owes the city of Rye an explanation regarding her more than $500 in unpaid parking tickets and why would she cheat the city of funds that are badly needed while she continues to pile up violations. Her silence on the matter is deafening.
Phillip November 06, 2011 at 10:40 PM
Sadly, Parker and her team have begun a hate-mail campaign against me in an effort to make me (and the issue) go away. The fact remains however that CATHERINE PARKER is SILENT ABOUT THE VIOLATIONS AND OMISSIONS TO PAY and instead is orchestrating a "shoot the messenger" staregy. The question remains: HOW AND WHY DID PARKER ACCUMULATE SO MANY VIOLATIONS AND WHY DID SHE REFUSE TO PAY THEM? Does she think she is above the rest of us that have to pay when ticketed? Don't besmirch me... ASK HER!
Rafael Elias-Linero November 08, 2011 at 07:05 PM
Please remember that voting is a right. Your right to express your voice, and it only comes around every 2 years or so. Further, it is on local elections that you get the opportunity to elect the people that will be representing you on the day-to-day issues that directly impact the place where we live, study and work. Please vote! Thank you.


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