Meet the Candidates For Mamaroneck Village Trustee: Michael Sudano

Michael Sudano, a Republican party candidate for trustee, answered a Q&A about his future goals for the village should he win the seat.


Come November, the presidential election won't be the only one that draws people to the polls.  Closer to home, six candidates—three Democrats and three Republicans—will be vying for three open trustee seats in the Village of Mamaroneck.

In the next few weeks, Larchmont Patch will be running a series of Q&As with the candidates so you, the voters, know where they stand on issues impacting your community.

This week we'll be presenting the Village of Mamaroneck Republican Party candidates. Sudano is running on the Independent and Conservative Party lines.

Michael Sudano

Bio: Sudano is fully aware of the intricacies and benefits of village government from his successful 1997 to 2000 term as a village trustee. Sudano's sense of community and its values are underscored by his career as an educator for over 33 years, including as coordinator of the Apple Program at Mamaroneck High School. Sudano is currently a realtor with Weichert Realty and enjoys his membership in the Kiwanis Club, the Larchmont-Mamaroneck Old Timers Club and as an advisor to the Rye Neck Key and Booster Club.

Larchmont Patch: What are the major issues facing Mamaroneck?

Michael Sudano:

  • Taxes - While we’re living in challenging times, we can’t shy from the responsibilities of ensuring the continued services that we’ve come to expect from living in such a wonderful community. Taxes are high in Mamaroneck and surrounding communities and it is incumbent upon village leadership to maintain its fiscal responsibility to taxpayers.   
  • Flooding - Recent storms in Mamaroneck reminded us of the tremendously challenging problem of flooding in parts of the village. Too many of our neighbors have had to contend with extensive and costly property damage and we must find ways to work with federal and state resources to resolve the problem. Village government has already begun the process of partnering with the Army Corps of Engineers and I will continue to push that process and other resolutions to address what is most certainly a bipartisan problem.    
  • Parking - As a former trustee, I’m proud of the role I’ve played in growing Mamaroneck into the bustling town we now enjoy. People from all over come to Mamaroneck to enjoy our restaurants, our shops and to open small businesses here. With that success has come a shortage of suitable parking. While we’re proud of our village’s growth, we now must think innovatively to continue drawing people to our wonderful business district. We will continue have open dialogue with residents to ensure we add parking capacity while maintaining the village’s inherent beauty.  

Larchmont Patch: As a board member, how would you make the village a better place to live?

Sudano: As a past trustee, I’ve always been proud of the role I’ve played to raise the village to the community we enjoy today.  However, none of us can do it alone.  No one person can make the village a better place to live because we must do it together.  I’ve always enjoyed that our community is called a village, because I believe “village” is the very definition of a group of people who work together towards a common goal.  I’ve always felt that was the best way to elevate a community – together.  

Larchmont Patch: What made you want to run?

Sudano: I’ve always felt a call to service throughout my life, as a past trustee; a member of the Mamaroneck Task Force; as a teacher and coach and by participating in a variety of community and civic organizations.  Now, more than ever, we face great challenges and I am eager to once again serve as your village trustee to make a difference.  

Larchmont Patch: Do you think it’s possible for the village board to become unified on issues?  Do you forsee another contentious year?

Sudano: There are many who cite the relationship between President Ronald Reagan and Speaker of the House Thomas Tip O’Neill as the model for bipartisanship, and with good reason.  Despite vast ideological differences, the two giant personalities were able to set aside differences and accomplish a great deal of work simply by understanding the rule that—in Speaker O’Neill’s words—“We're all friends after 6.”  We have to understand, like Speaker O’Neill and President Reagan, that those we work with on the other side of an issue or ideological belief are as similarly invested in our future and are the same loving mothers and fathers just like anyone else.  Somewhere along the way, we’ve lost sight of that and differences became obstacles.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I believe in the person first—with party affiliation a distant last.

Larchmont Patch: The VOM has a strong business district—how can it become even stronger?

Sudano: We have to balance attracting business with preserving our community. While that balance is difficult to achieve, we can continue to grow intelligently and without affecting the delicate fabric of our wonderful village.  Our focus must continue to be on attracting small business that reflect our community and we must use caution when dealing with larger businesses that distort who we are.  

Harold R. September 28, 2012 at 07:37 PM
Mary, You are hard to have a discussion with, you seem to just want to throw bombs but not defend your statements. I think everybody agrees that Savolt had a difficult personality for politics but she was a excellent manager and got more positive done for the village in two years than Rosenblum has done in three. Her board hired the only first class building inspector we have had since Ernie Poccia retired. Rosenblum and crew then drove him away Her board adopted the Ethics Law that Rosenblum's board has ignored and disrespected. Her board hired our first full time municipal attorney. Rosenblum and crew fired her and replaced her with and inexperienced party hack as quickly as they could. Savolt, no matter how unpleasant she was, never arbitrarily denied residents their right to speak like Rosenblum does.
Mary Too October 01, 2012 at 05:22 PM
. Mike has lived in the village FOR DECADES. He taught and was loved by many children, lots of whom still live in the village as adults with their own children. His volunteer work with various service organizations and at Rye Neck High School exemplify his commitment to the community. .
Allison October 01, 2012 at 06:03 PM
Based on the historical moves by each of these candidates, I'd have to say the future can look pretty grim for Mamaroneck village. Everyone can talk the political game and win at the popularity contest, but an informed voter (highly lacking there) looks at what each candidate has accomplished to measure what the future will hold. Some of the candidates were on boards. If you want to resolve the "village issues" that seem to me as self created you have to take into account the HISTORICAL, then take the bull by the horns and deal with it. For example: The perceived lack of parking on the avenue. What brought it about? Background is this administration is taking credit for the village vibrancy, when it's actually the property owners and their choice of tenants that brought about this vibrancy. Historically, parking is determined by a certain ratio of seating in a restaurant to parking, which currently many owners/tenants got variances from village law to not supply parking. Going forward, should all taxpayers in the village pay for new parking facilities based on this? There seems to be plenty of underutilized parking for this dilemma, but it seems that those who are complaining over the lack of parking don't want to walk further than the front door of where they are going. Transit Orient Development is being discussed currently which aims to DECREASE current parking and DECREASE those zoning requirements or standards in village law. So where is the village going?
Mary Too October 01, 2012 at 08:27 PM
"it's actually the property owners and their choice of tenants that brought about this vibrancy" Give me a break! The property owners in the business district will rent to anyone who is willing to pay the rent. . .
Allison October 05, 2012 at 04:06 PM
Mary Too, Please do a little fact checking with the property owners to see if your statement above holds water. You might want to also watch a village meeting, like the one on LMC TV last night when members of your ZBA made statements about the variances granted for required parking. Historically, parking is determined by a certain ratio of seating in a restaurant to parking, which currently many owners/tenants got variances from village law to not supply parking.


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