Letters in Support of Daniel Brakewood for County Legislator

The following are letters from supporters of Daniel Brakewood, current Port Chester trustee and Democratic candidate for Westchester County Legislature District 6.

The following are letters from supporters of Daniel Brakewood, current Port Chester trustee and Democratic candidate for Westchester County Legislature District 6.

Brakewood faces off against David Gelfarb, the Republican candidate and current Rye Town councilman. To read letters from Gelfarb's supporters, click here.

The Contrast Between Brakewood and Gelfarb

On Nov. 8 we will be voting for the person who will fill Marty Ragowsky’s position as Westchester County legislator.  The two candidates are Dan Brakewood, currently a Port Chester trustee and David Gelfarb of Rye Brook who is on the Rye Town Board. 

In the Sept. 23 edition of the Westmore News, each of the candidates wrote a letter to the editor.  I was struck by the difference in the letters.  In his letter, Brakewood thanked all of the people of Port Chester, Rye Brook, and Harrison who voted for him.  He stated what his goals were for the three areas he will represent.  He also stated that he would not “rubber stamp” the ideas of any other political figure regardless of party.

In contrast to Brakewood’s letter, David Gelfarb’s letter was totally negative regarding his opponent.  He actually said that Brakewood would be called upon by the Democratic leader, Ken Jenkins, to be a constant opponent to all initiatives proposed by the Republican County Executive, Rob Astorino.  Mr. Gelfarb has no idea of what kind of man Dan Brakewood is.  I have attended or watched practically all of the Board of Trustees meetings since Dan has been a trustee, and I know the kind of legislator he will be.  He is his own man.  He is not owned or dictated to by any person or party, and he will do only what he truly feels is good for those he represents.  He would go against his own party if he had to.

Secondly, Mr. Gelfarb brags about his helping to reduce taxes for the Town of Rye while in office.  Yes, he is right.  Joe Carvin and his administration have been doing a good job in that regard, but so has the Port Chester BOT with the help of Dan Brakewood as a trustee.  I can remember when the taxes were increased by fifty percent in three years by the previous administration.  The increases have been reduced drastically with Dan’s help as a trustee.  You can bet that he will work just as hard to do what is right for the three villages he will represent.

As for experience, you can’t compare being a Port Chester trustee to being on the Rye Town Board.  It’s like comparing a Navy Seal to a Boy Scout.  To be a Navy Seal, you literally have to go through “hell” to be one.  It is a tough school, and if you survive the rigorous job of trying to solve the numerous problems that the trustees have to face, you have really passed the test.  Dan Brakewood has served and survived as a trustee, and he will be great as a County Legislator.

I do hope that the rumor doesn’t go around that I think Dan Brakewood “walks on water”, too.  What I do think is that David Gelfarb might be a good man, but Dan is the more qualified of the two candidates, and the voters will be winners if they vote for him on November 8th.

Bea Conetta, Port Chester


Republicans Should Vote for Brakewood
Remember when the Republican party stood for such goals as lowering taxes, small government and promoting business?  Traditional Republicans should choose a candidate who has a proven track record for these ideals by voting for Democrat Dan Brakewood for County Legislator on November 8th.
During Dan's five year tenure on the Port Chester Board of Trustees, he worked to deliver some of the lowest tax increases in 25 years.  He cut wasteful spending practices, such as the provision of health benefits to part-time elected officials.  He pushed for programs to revitalize Port Chester's downtown and promote economic growth.  Dan is someone who seeks office to make a real difference and change our county's direction.  That is why this traditional Republican will be voting for Democrat Dan Brakewood.
Ian Rosenfeld


Brakewood Has Proven Track Record, Will Save Taxpayers Money

The candidate who deserves your vote on Nov. 8 for County Legislator is Port Chester Trustee Dan Brakewood. I serve with Dan on the governing board of the Presbyterian Church in Port Chester. We always look to him to decipher our legal documents, review budget decisions and accounting procedures, and, most importantly, provide a caring perspective about the wider community.

As a Port Chester Trustee, Dan has worked tirelessly to streamline our local government and make it more accessible to the people. For example, he pushed for the elimination of the Village’s costly corporation counsel position, saving taxpayers money without sacrificing results. He also took the lead on making local government more transparent. Today, nearly all Village Board of Trustee, Planning Commission, and Zoning Board of Appeals meetings are broadcast on TV.

We need Dan Brakewood’s proven commitment to local government and our community on the Westchester County Board of Legislators.

Elise Lemire, Port Chester


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Al Dente October 17, 2011 at 01:11 AM
If you disagreed with Public Safety cuts and were neutral on the DOJ appeal money, why didn't you speak up? You sit on the Board!
Al Dente October 17, 2011 at 01:22 PM
In response to Terenzi's: "We slashed over two million from this year's budget. Not one person was fired, all we ask is that the departments to more with less." Here's what your random and impulsive budget cuts have yielded -- we now have a fire department is trying its best to operate with an extremely reduced crew and, more times than you might think, only one fire rig! Go ahead, keep patting yourself on the back for having slashed all of our public safety services. The fire department situation is a disaster waiting to happen -- next time there are two fires at the same time, one may not get the response it should. It's so great of you to play around with people's lives as if they were toys. My take leadership by the Terenzi/Didden Duo is that people are finally seeing what they've elected. They've elected a couple of guys who a lot of time blogging on the computer instead of making sound, responsible decisions that will improve our quality of life. I find it refreshing that Mr. Brakewood never blogs on here, presumably because he's busy making a living (some people actually have to do this), serving on the Board of Trustees in an intelligent, thoughtful way and improving our village.
Saverio Terenzi October 17, 2011 at 01:22 PM
Dare to Teach, (gutless wonder who's afraid to sign his name), I am a self-employed CPA on Westchester Ave. for close to thirty years. The only people who pay me are my clients. If I don't perform a service I don't get paid. i know that's o novel concept to you Working Families Party people. I am the Chairman of the Rye Town Conservative party, that's my party. The individuals who raised taxes by more than 50% are no longer associated with the party, that's no coincindence. Brakewood is running on the Democratic line that's true, that's the same line who endorsed a Conservative for Supervisor because they had no one to run and Gene Branca twisted Gary Stracuzzi's arm to place Rico on the ticket. Are the Town Democrats being controlled by the Conservative party now?? The best thing Dare to Teach can do for Dave Gelfarb & Joe Carvin is keep having this back and forth. It will expose the fact that there is no Democratic party in Rye Town and the people who speak for the party haven't been to one Rye Town meeting before they announced for office or even after they were nominated (they had no one else to run). Hey gutless wonder, keep them coming.
Saverio Terenzi October 17, 2011 at 01:31 PM
Al Dente, (another gutless wonder), The Working Families Party candidate Dan Brakewood doesn't have to blog, he has his kool-aid drinkers doing all the blogging. I know Dan's above all of this type of back and forth. I don't agree with everything Didden does but I back him 100% when it comes to his ability to make fiscal decisions based on his many years as a successful businessman. Let me go back to work, I have to make a living also. Oh, by the way while I'm trying to make a living I have a 3:00-5:00 with the adminstation and G & S about their ongoing issues. Then I have a 6:00 BOT meeting that once Pilla & Brakewood stop talking will probably go until midnight. That's 8 hours of meetings to start my week off, that's 8 hours I could have spent working at my own business. My choice and I enjoy every bit of the time I spend trying to help the Village.
Al Dente October 18, 2011 at 02:22 AM
Mr. Terenzi, in your 'what I do every day' summary, don't forget to include the 8-10 hours per day you spend blogging about how the rest of the world is incompetent and politically-twisted. As for the various candidates challenging the Rye Town incumbents - good for them for offering voters a leadership CHOICE. Isn't that what elections are all about?


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