Harrison Elections Follow-up: Republicans Also See Victories For Town Council

Fred Sciliano and Steve Hollander beat Democrats Howard Hollander and Pat Vetere.

Harrison Repubican town councilman-elect Fred Sciliano had no idea that there would be across-the-board GOPs wins this election season, but that’s already a thing of the past.

“We have a lot of hard work ahead,” Sciliano said when asked what issues he and the other board members planned to tackle first when they take office.

“The current position is we have to deal with the budget,” he said.

Sciliano attributed his re-election to the way he has served the town for the last four years. “Honesty, hard work and listening to other people” is what it’s all about, according to Sciliano.

Republican winner Steve Malfitano could not be reached for comment.

On the losing end, Democrat Howard Hollander said the Republican campaign was more organized and better funded. Two key factors that resulted in his loss. 

“For me personally, I knew I was the underdog. Everybody on the ballot had prior experience and I did not. I’ve never run a campaign before personally, so a lot of this was new to me,” said Hollander.

He also cited Supervisor Joan Walsh’s desire to run her own campaign, while busied by typical day-to-day duties, as an obstacle.

“We were trying to meet and do things and she was preparing her budget and she had meetings to go to. . . so I think Joan’s time, personally, was extremely limited,” said Hollander.

Also on the losing side was Democrat Pat Vetere.

While Vetere declined to comment on where his run went wrong, he expressed a firm desire to congratulate all the winners.

Vetere, too, cited that he felt the Republicans ran a better campaign.“I guess my time was up,” Vetere said.

Donna November 10, 2011 at 12:37 AM
Every incumbent mayor has the same issues -- trying to run the town while running for office. What makes it even is the fact that she was the incumbent and should have touted her so-called accomplishments vs. a first time mayor candidate. Joan has been involved in campaigns for years, since her days with Passidomo, and the best she seemed to be able to come up with was a dirty campaign filled with personal attacks. That's what hurt her.
ScorpioSr November 10, 2011 at 02:28 PM
CONGRATULATIONS and the best of luck to the entire Belmont Team. And a special thanks to al those "behind the scenes" people who made this wonderful change in leadership possible. I know many, many tireless hours, days and months of hard work were spent to get the truth out the people of Harrison. THANK YOU ALL !!!! Now we can put all the negativity behind us and go forward with honesty and integrety in our town government! Now, it's great to live in Harrisoon again !
ELLIE MARSHALL November 12, 2011 at 03:16 AM
To ScorpioSr ....'"and go forward with honesty and integrety in our town government" from your mouth to God's ear


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