Free Holiday Parking in Downtown Port Chester

You don't have to "feed the meter" on designated streets, but there's still a two-hour limit.

Port Chester has suspended parking fees on streets in the downtown area for the 2012 holiday season.

While you don't have to "feed the meter" on designated streets, there's a two-hour time limit for the free parking.

The Port Chester village Board of Trustees approved the parking holiday at the request of the Chamber of Commerce.

Here's where you can park for free:

- North Main Street between the railroad bridge and Westchester Avenue.

- South Main Street - Abendroth Avenue.

- Willett Avenue between Abendroth Avenue and Marvin Place.

- Adee Street, Marvin Place, Westchester Avenue.

- Lower King Street to the railroad bridge

- Higland-Adee- Willett Avenue, Broadway parking lots.

The free parking runs until Dec. 28.


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