Costco Supporters Fight Back Critics of the Development

Citizens for a Progressive Yorktown, supported by Costco's developer Breslin Realty, announced their launch in response anti-Costco efforts.

Supporters of the proposed Costco in Yorktown are fighting back a group of residents who have been speaking in opposition of the store's development on Route 202.

The newly formed pro-group, "Citizens for a Progressive Yorktown," who are supported by the developer, made their announcement at a news conference at the Yorktown Chamber of Commerce office on Friday.

Comprised of about a dozen residents, including local business owners, the group responded to concerns related to traffic, tax benefits and how the development might affect small business owners.

Rich Leahy, owner of Atlantic Appliance since 1975, who co-owns a portion of the land on which Costco is proposed to be built, said he had turned down a number of offers for projects because he didn't think they were "suitable" for Yorktown.

"Costco is a great company," Leahy said. "It was the best use for the property that I could possibly think of."

Responding to comments made that Costco could put small business owners out of business, Leahy said he disagreed. He said he had been to other Costco stores in the area where the other businesses were "thriving."

"Costco is going to sell appliances," he said, speaking as a small business owner who also sells appliances. "If I thought I was going to be harmed, would I allow something like that to happen? No. You have to be competitive in this world."

The problem, Leahy said was that some people don't want any type of development no matter what it was. 

A group of anti-Costco residents spoke at a recent Yorktown town board meeting citing traffic nightmares, air pollution, local businesses going out of business and real estate values going down as some of the potential results the development might have on the town.

Phillip Grealy, a traffic engineer with John Collins engineering and a long-time Yorktown resident, said the traffic concerns haven't been accurately presented. Along with the road improvements Costco is expected to complete and a New York State Department of Transportation (DOT) project along Route 202, some of the traffic in the area would be improved, he said. 

The DOT will be making improvements to the intersection in the Route 35/Route 202/Bear Mountain Parkway area. The project, estimated to cost $7 million, will be completed whether or not the Costco project gets approved.

Costco in turn would spend $2.5 to $3 million on their own project by widening Route 202 in the area of Stoney Street, Chase Bank and BJs Wholesle Club. Grealy said the improvements would not only help with the anticipated traffic, but also alleviate some of the current problems. 

Some of the improvements include sidewalks, signal-timing improvements to traffic lights and adding turn lanes. 

"In essence what will happen is along that entire stretch you'll have a five-lane cross section: two lanes in each direction and turn lanes," Grealy said.

"Citizens for a Progressive Yorktown" group members said Costco would generate $5.2 million in state income tax, $3.9 million in county sales tax, as well as $613,290 to the Yorktown Central School District. In addition, group members said Costco would create 200 permanent and 350 temporary jobs. 

Yorktown Chamber of Commerce president Joseph Visconti said no members of the Chamber have told him they were opposed to Costco being built in town. 

The 151,092-square-foot Costco store is proposed to be located at the northwest corner of the intersection of Route 202 and the Taconic State Parkway in Yorktown. The property includes the site of an abandoned motel, which residents have described as an eye-sore. 

The Costco DEIS was accepted as complete by the Planning Board on Sept. 10. To read the document, click here

The public hearing will be held on Oct. 15 at the Nutrition Center room in the Yorktown Community and Cultural Center.


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Francis T McVetty October 06, 2012 at 02:13 PM
Evan, a first, I agree with you on that one!
Francis T McVetty October 06, 2012 at 02:21 PM
The entrance to our town is NOT at 202, it is at Underhill avenue exit off the Taconic State Parkway. Now as far as the green roof, Costco will build the building it can afford to build. If it is green then it will be green. You can make those suggestions, but i do think they are a little late to the party.,
Francis T McVetty October 06, 2012 at 11:07 PM
Bill R, "I'm normally not a violent person, but you tempt me." you don't have the stones!!! Why don't you try me first. It would be payback time for me, and I would enjoy the joust.
Rebecca Mitchell October 12, 2012 at 06:13 PM
Mr. Primavera, The key word is PAID!!! You are being paid tons of money by Breslin Realty to make it SEEM like the people of Yorktown should want to have this Costco. I don't want to have Costco in my town. Thanks!
Bill October 12, 2012 at 06:28 PM
The problem with your post Rebecca, is that you seem to think that the majority of Yorktown residents oppose Costco. I'm quite sure that is not the case. Sadly, a small group of loud opponents are trying to make it seem like everyone is opposed, when in reality, most people are thrilled at the prospect of Costco coming in. Many think it's already been approved, based on discussions I have had with people at work. It is unfortunate that we pro-Costco folks did not organize ourselves the way the "smart growth" people did. But that does not mean that there aren't plenty of us in favor of it. Bill (not Primavera)


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