City to Hire Public Relations Firm

Harrison Edwards of Bedford Hills was awarded a one-year $40,000 contract.

The Peekskill City Council passed a resolution to enter into a one-year $40,000 contract with Bedford Hills-based public relations and marketing firm Harrison Edwards, at its Aug. 13 work session.

Mayor Mary Foster said the council is focused on building a social media and web presence for the City of Peekskill at the Aug. 6 work session where Harrison Edwards met with the council.

Deputy Mayor Drew Claxton pressed the need for Peekskill to “get on the map of larger organizations that seem to overlook Peekskill.”

“We have always been struggling since I was a child with this perception of Peekskill and it’s not like that. But how do you get rid of that perception,” Claxton asked.

Carolyn Mandelker, President of Harrison Edwards, noted her company’s 25 years of experience and track record with similar clients and with print, online and other electronic media. You can read more about the firm in the PDF attached to this article.

The other two firms that responded to the city’s RFP that met requirements and then met with the Public Relations and Marketing Consultant Committee were Power Relations and Co-Communications. The Committee chose Harrison Edwards as the preferred firm.

What do you think is the best thing the city can do to improve its perception?

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George in NY August 19, 2012 at 10:37 AM
Politics, not on my part, thought the republicans did just as crappy a job. The last administration I had any hope with was John Kelly and he only lasted one term. Seems that paying attention to City codes and zoning etc was probably his downfall. Not sure why but he was in and out in a flash. I don't know that Peekskill has ever been great in my lifetime but I know it must have been better. My wife tells me that as a child she routinely walked alone from her home in the monument area to school and back. Don't think I would let my kid do that now. All you ever here in this City is about the NEXT great thing. The Riverfront this and that, the downtown this and that. So what are the big successes of Peekskill and the planning whatever etc.The two things I like about downtown, that there is a DMV that is convenient, and Social Security office if needed. I did stop at Weeks and spend $4 on very small repair. I did buy a cup of coffee once this year, wanted to see what sitting in the kitchen chairs of my youth felt like. Don't even go to Post Office downtown anymore. Got tired of waiting in line of money order mania. Besides what little parking they had became the loft parking so never could get a space.
Red Devil August 19, 2012 at 12:06 PM
Im Not partisan or here to fake the funk, Ive lived in peekskill ALL my life over 40 years, grew up in the city schools, back when you COULD Actually walk to school , I walked across town every school day. ALL U want to be Peekskillians who have only been here a few years and act like you know whats best. Peekskill sadly has ALWAYS got the shaft on perception, as for Bernie talking about evening strolls, I want to know where maybe Depew park, the Blvd, I bet their NOT talking about Downtown, and Yes weve always had Great views and an under used Beautiful waterfront along the Hudson. Peekskill is my HEART, like Ive said in past post this is sad, almost ALL of my friends have moved away for better schools and place to live. Also Ive NEVER seen such a dysfunctional City Hall in MY life, Mary is something else, while were at it lets add to perception and put in a Meth Clinic!?!?!?!?!?! Unfortunately this is REAL!!! Wake up
Red Devil August 19, 2012 at 12:15 PM
@ peekskillis something or other, Most people are pleased where? U cattering to the want to be's too?? You must be talking about the People in the Riverbend who only live here in theory!! Or are they the ones from Chapel Hill? Theres a couple other places too where they have NO interaction with my beloved city other than thats what their I D says.
Dick Johnson August 21, 2012 at 06:07 PM
If by "go wreck another home" you mean actively speak against a husband and wife running an entire department with political favors...WILL DO. This wouldn't be allowed anywhere else besides Peekskill....the nepotism is disgraceful. Half of the employees over there are related to each other and hold each others hands to not lose their jobs. Let's get serious, Buckshot.
Ded Yorick August 21, 2012 at 08:00 PM
Never let the same bee sting you twice. I think Rabbit Brown said that.


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