Board to Vote on $55.9 Million Budget Dec. 20

Harrison's preliminary 2012 budget is not expected to breach the state's tax levy cap.

After vowing to keep the 2013 budget beneath the state's tax levy cap, the Harrison Town/Village Board appears poised to do just that when the budget goes to a vote on Dec. 20.

Harrison's $55.97 million preliminary budget, approved Monday by the Board, would increase taxes 2.7 percent. The plan increases spending by about $1.1 million from a year ago, but is just below the state's tax levy cap, said Harrison Comptroller Maureen MacKenzie.

The budget eliminates two town employee positions, but there will be no layoffs, MacKenzie said.

Some minor budget changes are still possible between now and Dec. 20, but MacKenzie said she doesn't expect any major cuts or new expenses. 

The entire preliminary budget is available here.

The Town/Village of Harrison provided the following chart showing estimated home value and expected tax increase in 2013.

Estimated Home Value Increase in '13 Town Taxes $250,000 $35.80 $500,000 $71.60 $750,000 $107.40 $1,000,000 $143.20 $2,000,000 $286.40



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