Update: 3 Hospitalized After Ingesting Synthetic Incense

Three men were transported to White Plains Hospital on July 7 after police discovered them under the influence of a legal synthetic incense.

Three men were hospitalized last week after ingesting two dangerous—but legal—substances in a Harrison home, police say.

Two of the three men were unconscious when police arrived at the scene on July 7 at about 10:30 p.m. Police believe one of the substances was similar to K-2, a legal substance earlier this spring. The second was a white, powdery, substance that had been mixed with water.

Police are still working to identify the second substance, but it was possibly C2E, which can be purchased legally at certain tobacco kiosks or online.

All three men were treated and released. Since both substances are legal none of the three were charged.

"It's obviously concerning," said Harrison Police Chief Anthony Marraccini. "I think that it's obviously becoming more prevalent because these kids are taking stuff (and) they have no idea what it is."

Police and school officials believe the substance at LMK was confiscated before it was ingested. In this case, two of the men were already unconscious. The third man became combative when police arrived but was quickly restrained. Marraccini said the third man probably didn't even know where he was by the time police arrived.

The police chief said that from his understanding the powdery substance can have the same affects as LSD when ingested a certain way. Marraccini said although legal, the substances obviously pose substantial health threats.

"You wouldn't think that they would drink clorox or something like that, I mean you're taking the same gambles," he said. 

Three people were  earlier this year after they smoked a similar product to K-2 and displayed "catatonic and hallucinogenic behavior", Clarkstown Police said at the time.

A 2010 bill , D-New City, proposed including "K-2" and four other similar products on the New York State controlled substance list. Assembly Bill Number A5008 was referred to the health department in February and has not been brought to a vote.


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