Man Tries to Eat Heroin; Man in Chef's Jacket Goes On Crime Spree; Woman Uses Infant to Steal

Recent weird and unusual crime in the Hudson Valley. Reports do not indicate a conviction.

Bedford police arrested a woman who allegedly stole snacks, jewelry and wine from three separate retail shops in Katonah.  employees reported the woman removed items without paying for them and police later found her bag with a cookie, juice and jewelry taken from Noka's and from  After taking her description, police found her at , where they say she became physically combative and resisted communicating with police. The woman had a bottle of wine in her bag for which she did not pay. 

A Target security camera recorded a man placing his cellphone under female shoppers' skirts and taking pictures and video, according to the Westchester County District Attorney's Office. White Plains police watched the surveillance video and caught the man in the act. 

An 18-year-old woman attempting to board a United Airlines flight to Chicago out of Westchester County Airport was caught carrying a stun gun and pocket knife in her carry-on luggage, said police. 

A South Nyack man reported coming home and finding his door ajar with a man purporting to sell energy-saving techniques and products standing in the frame. The alleged salesman left but reportedly returned days later to the neighborhood, at which point the resident discovered his laptop was missing. The man approached the alleged salesman and a struggle ensued.  

When a Peekskill man was stopped for a minor traffic violation he refused to pull over, according to police. Officers blocked his vehicle and discovered the driver attempting to eat several bags heroin. The driver put up a struggle but was eventually taken into custody. 

Scarsdale police responded to reports that a White Plains man dressed in a chef's coat and looking for gas allegedly attacked a female jogger by pushing her into his car and showing her a screwdriver. The woman was able to escape but the man had only started his spree. A Scarsdale resident soon after reported a man came onto his porch and asked to use his phone to call a taxi after running out of gas. The resident allowed the man to use his cellphone, but the man pushed him back into the house and pulled out a screwdriver, threatening to kill the resident. The man took the phone and ran to another home where police say he stole cash and choked the female resident. The man then led police on a foot chase and struggled with police before being arrested. The man claimed he was on crack.  


Four Hastings teens allegedly lit a toilet paper roll on fire in a port-a-potty that was then knocked over near the Hillside Pool, causing a small brush fire that spread to the Hillside Woods, police said. The teens were arrested. 

A Mamaroneck woman allegedly used her infant to steal five bottles of designer cologne from Sears. The woman reportedly placed the cologne under the infant, who was in a stroller. 


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