Resident Calls Attention To Board Meeting

The Clarkstown Town Board will be casting numerous votes at today's noontime meeting on contracts and bonds.


Fellow Citizens of Clarkstown: 

Your Town Board has scheduled a meeting today (Thursday, December 20) at Noon. They will be spending lots of your money.  They will be voting on raises, the police contract, four million dollars of bonds, and the renewed retention of Mr. Savino - again without any clear indication of a proper bidding process.If you want to ask questions about the money the Town Board spends, this is your meeting.

You can see the resolutions on the Town Website under "Legal Notices" in the Town Clerk's section.  This meeting usually occurs a week later and it was so announced in the printed guidance for the year - but the resolutions make clear that it is December 20. 

Be sure to ask the members of the Town Board why they have no plans to discuss these matters among themselves - according to the Open Meetings Law we should be able to observe their deliberations.

See if they spend all this money without any deliberations among themselves. See you at our Town Hall. 


Tom Nimick
New City

Tom . thank you...for the information...listen if they didnt give raises ..employees couldnt afford porches.every towny should be able to drive 75,000 cars to work!!! and maybe the reason they cant discuss anything verbally is because they are going to be serving food?that seems to be a neccessity


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