Blogs: Website Extinction; Sandy Rip-Off?

A recap of recent and popular blog posts in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam.

This week in Patch blogs, local merchants, Hurricane Sandy and good books are the vogue topics.

First: are small business websites heading for extinction?

Patch blogger Jennifer Shaheen says it may be so, but not in a boarding-up-the-windows way.

Shaheen says social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter may render unique, dot-com sites obsolete. Why would customers navigate a cryptic webpage when they can speak directly with the owner via a Facebook page? (Or, better yet, speak with past customers.)

"For some businesses, a website might not be necessary to succeed, and your company or organization could get by with a Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ page," Shaheen notes.

Superstorm Sandy may be just a sour memory for many, but folks and governments in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam are still reeling from the tempest. (See: Just last week, Westchester county executive Rob Astorino said the squall cost the county $42 million—at least.)

Ever-cautious, veteran newspaper man Art Gunther III pens that fiscal oversight is necessary during the clean-up effort. His caveat:

"If there is no gatekeeper, the national deficit will again balloon in continued lack of accountability."

Also on the Sandy front: how kids, and adults, can pitch in this holiday season to aid those who lost their homes and possessions.

For those who would rather wrap books for their youngsters this season, instead of DVDs or video games, blogger and youth librarian Christina Linder has ideas. Check out her piece, "Put These 10 Teen Books on Your Holiday List." (Twilight doesn't make the cut.)


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Donald Diamond December 10, 2012 at 02:59 PM
Sandy should not be relegated to being just a memory. Phones, internet access, cell phones and cable stopped working because Cable and phone companies do not have back up electric power. When electric utilities stop functioning, everything goes blank. The cable and phone companies lobby Albany to avoid provide back up. Their conduct is almost criminal because there is no way to obtain emergency help when an electic wire stops delivering current. Remember Sandy as an alert to a dangerous condition that no elected official takes action.


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