Dear Sandy, Why is Ossining in Rockland?

Sandy Galef didn’t think you’d mind being 5% of a Senate district on the other side of the Hudson River.

Galef’s lack of leadership failed hometown constituents

September 17, 2012 — Assembly Candidate Kim Izzarelli says she hears the question so often from fellow Briarcliff and Ossining residents, that she almost has the conversation timed to a rhythm.

They ask: “Can you tell me why Ossining is part of Rockland now?” says Izzarelli, “And I tell them, ‘Your sitting assemblymember, Sandy Galef, didn’t think you’d mind being 5% of a senate district on the other side of the Hudson River’.”

“But...she’s still a nice lady, right?” quips Izzarelli.

Joking aside about Galef’s kindly, indulgent “grandmotherly” image, Izzarelli, who is 51, says most residents are unaware how the redistricting process occured or how her opponent, Sandy Galef, a 20 year incumbent, played a significant role in diminishing the voting power of her own constituency.

SEE Galef, speaking on March 11, 2011 - YouTube clip below speaking on non-partisan redistricting


Izzarelli notes (at the 2:30 minute mark of the YOUTUBE video “Non-Partisan Redistricting: “Do You Expect Us to Wait Ten Years?”) that  it was fairly obvious back in March 2011, that Galef did not intend to fight on behalf of her constituents and was leaving the heavy lifting to Governor Cuomo.


“Galef routinely acquieces to men in power” says Izzarelli, refering to Galef’s continued reticence and failure to demand resignations of Assemblyman Vito Lopez and Galef’s own party leader, Speaker Sheldon Silver, whose approval of a cash settlement payment and confidentiality agreement earlier this year circumvented the Assembly’s Ethics Committee. “As a woman, I have an issue with Galef’s unwillingness to challenge men in authority roles. She’s clearly not advancing constituent concerns.”

Meanwhile, Galef continues portray herself as an innocent victim in the 2012 redistricting . She hides behind a veil of voting against the redistricting itself, yet in the next breath, claims it as win for the legislature for its approval of an independent redistricting commission to draw the 2022 map. Coincidently, the same year that  Galef will turn age 82.

Izzarelli repeats “Nice lady or not, if Galef  is incapable of leading her party to consensus to resolve complex issues, why give her two more years to serve? She has been unable to lead for the last 20."

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Betsy Shaw Weiner September 18, 2012 at 12:52 PM
Yes, having Ossining put into a State Senate district in which all other towns are in Rockland County is more than offensive; it's downright crazy. Sandy Galef, however, is not responsible. Ms. Galef, a woman with strong background in good government groups before she was elected, steadfastly has maintained a position, adopted by those groups after study of pros and cons, in favor of a commission independent of the State Legislature that would do such redistricting. This year there actually seemed to be a chance for that, with a person in the governorship whose position it also was, But time ran out. The primary calendar, and thus candidate filing dates, loomed (that's a whole nother subject - three primaries this year - good grief!). And so we have what we have, a district map for the Republican-led State Senate that protects as much state-wide turf as possible. Sandy Galef's record as an Assembly member who has served her constituents well while not participating in the bring-home-the-bacon member item system she so abhors in order to curry favor, and who has introduced imaginative legislation and then actually worked hard for its passage (including getting sponsors in the other house) is one of which we all can be proud. Despite the fact that Ms. Galef has passed a Big Birthday (70! horrors gazads!), or perhaps because of it (older and wiser, I always say), we should be thankful that she chose to run again. We keep her on the job.
Johnny Girolamo September 18, 2012 at 01:48 PM
I do not see the correlation to age and the new district. Ms Galef is a vibrant woman and age has nothing to do with it. I recall attending several meetings concerning redistricting and we knew it was a tough sell from the start. Once again, foot in mouth Ms Issarelli, and by the way, I know a LOT of 51 year old grandmothers, and how do you feel about a 65 year old DJ?? makes no difference to my clients.
sandra lepore September 18, 2012 at 01:50 PM
It is what it is... Sandy is old. Nothing off putting in Ms. Izzarelli's statement. As for the redistricting... She did not stand up for the people so she may not have been totally responsible but she did not help the situtation for HER people.
Local Girl September 18, 2012 at 06:12 PM
I thought it was the senate REPUBLICANS that chose the redistricting lines for the state senate? Why isn't Kim bashing them for "moving" Ossining? Does Kim really think she, or anyone else who could be in Sandy's seat, would have been able to stop the plan from moving forward? No, of course not, but it's an easy topic to bash her opponent.
bob johnson September 19, 2012 at 10:28 PM
Dear Kim why is your HQ in White Plains and not in Ossining. Perhaps if you weren't so busy acquiecing yourself around Republican headquarters to Carvin, Cohen, and Castelli you would not be losing as bad.


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