Westchester Fundraising Campaign Seeks to Help Comic

Roz G (credit: GoFundMe)
Roz G (credit: GoFundMe)
A Westchester man is seeking to raise money to help out a fellow comic who reportedly has fallen victim to several strokes.

Comedienne Roslane “Roz G” Gholston of Orange, N.J. and TV show “Last Comic Standing” has been in a nursing home for several months, according to a local fundraising post from a man identifying himself as Talentt Dacomic (from Mount Vernon, N.Y., according to a Facebook page under his name).

Here’s part of what the newly launched GoFundMe page “the return of roz g.” says:

“One of our beloved comedienne friends ROZ G.,mostly known from the tv show 'LAST COMIC STANDING' has fallen victim to multiple strokes over the last several months leaving her bed bound in a nursing home in n.j., until completely recovered. At this point it's all about getting her brain stimulated and back to full function!(by funding a full time specialist) we have no doubt,that not only we can do this as a comedy loving community but that she we also return to full ROZ G. form.”

Launched Jan. 2, the GoFundMe campaign has raised $2,715 toward its $7,500 goal from 61 people in four days, and also has several hundred social media shares.

For more information about the campaign, click through on the GoFundMe window above.

According to her profile on Comedy Central’s website, Roz G had spent 10 years working as a motivational speaker on 12-step programs and women’s issues.


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