Sandy Update: Most Local Roads Passable

Harrison Mayor/Supervisor Ron Belmont said all of the town's main roads have been cleared, but some issues remain in some areas.

Thousands of Harrison residents remain without power, but travel has become less of an issue, according to an update Mayor/Supervisor Ron Belmont provided Thursday night.

The update provided more grim news; residents are still facing more than a week without power in some areas. Belmont said it could still take until Nov. 11 for the town's power to be fully restored.

Harrison public schools will be closed again Friday, the fourth consecutive day, because of outages in district buildings, Belmont said.

On the bright side, travel has become less of a problem throughout town. Belmont said all of the town's major roads are clear, but that obstacles persist in some neighborhoods.

"For the most part, roads are passable," he said.

The Town/Village of Harrison has also partnered with private contractors who are working alongside town employees to clear roads, Belmont said.


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