Have You Noticed the New 'Sunday' Sign in Katonah?

Just who stays open on Sundays for shoppers and diners? We've got the scoop right here.

You may have noticed the shiny new signs on Jay Street and Bedford Road declaring Katonah to be open on Sundays, followed by three words: Shop, Dine, Stroll. 

We've noticed some shops are and some aren't. To clear up the confusion about where you can shop and dine and where you may as well just stroll, we went to the , the organization behind the campaign to promote the village as "a Sunday town."

"We've often found consumers unaware that so many Katonah businesses are open on Sundays," said Bart Tyler, chamber treasurer. "So we're trying to raise awareness in the hopes of making a great business day even greater."

About 60 percent of retailers and restaurateurs are open on Sundays, according to chamber data, and more are considering the move to keep doors open a seventh day. 

"For many of us, it is one of our top sales days for the week," Tyler said. , and cite Sundays as their second or third best retail day, according to Edris Scherer, chamber co-president.

She said they hoped businesses would consider opening at a minimum from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. every Sunday, noting that Sunday shoppers are often first time visitors discovering Katonah, when they are "shopping for recreation."

"They are more apt to impulse shop—generating a higher average sale," she said. "Sunday is Target’s second biggest shopping day – so people do shop then."

And for those who want to stay for more than two hours, are now up indicating that's possible without getting a ticket.

Check out the charts below to identify which stores are open and for how long on Sundays in Katonah:

Sunday shopping is available in these locations in Katonah:


Store Open at Closes at Or by appointment? Awakenings 12 5 Bagel Shop 6 1 Barber 10 3 Coldwell Banker 9 5 Eclectic Collector 12 5 Eiluj 11 4 Enchantments 12 4 Florist 11 2 Gift Garage 11 4 Houlihan Lawrence 9 5 Jems 12 4 Katonah Paint and Hardware 10 3 Katonah Restaurant 7 9 Katonah Wine & Liquor 12 4 KD Studio 10 4 by appointment Kelloggs 9 5 La Familia Pizza 11 10 Mrs. Green's 10 5 Nail Salon 10 5:30 NoKa 10 4 Offerings 12 4
Peppinos 11:30 9 Perks 8 5 Pizza Station 10 10 Prudential Real Estate 9 5 Satori 10 4 by appointment Scoops 12-8 May-Sept, 12-5 April and Oct Sgaglio's 9 3 Squires 11 5 Steiger's 7 4 Tengda 11:30 9:30 Tom's 11 7 Van's Service Bike Shop 12-5 May through Sept Village Market 8 5 Weinstein's 9:30 1:30 William Raveis 9 5 Willy Nicks 11 8:30 Wooden Nickel 8 3

Businesses that are * not * open on Sundays in Katonah (except for seasonal Sundays as noted)

Business Sundays open Bank of America Bernicker Window Treatment Blue Bus Blue Dolphin Boo Girls Charles Department Store
Sundays in Dec Chase Consignments & Gifts Cross Sport Woman
Fashion Nails Fine Lines Fred's Haircutting Free & Co. Sundays in Dec Hair Warf Jaymark Katonah Architectural Hardware Katonah Cleaners Katonah Eyecare Katonah Frame and Art/Baxter Katonah General Store Katonah Jewelers Katonah Pharmacy Katonah Shoe Repairs Packing and Shipping Robie Burke Optician Robin McCormick Sundays in Dec Ruby Sue's Shirley McCoy Toni Toney Tutoring Club Valet Cleaners Wells Fargo

Data courtesy of Katonah Chamber of Commerce.

Steven Lichtenthal August 10, 2011 at 05:35 PM
What would also be helpful would be if the stores could stay open later at least one weekday evening. I work until 6 in the city and by the time I get home, everything is closed. If stores could stay open until 8 or 9 at least once a week, they would make a lot of money from the commuters, a lot of whom have to walk right by all of the closed stores on the way to parking lot #2 behind Mrs. Greens.


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