Donated Origami Great for Back-to-School

A group of Harrison residents are donating homemade origamis for readers to use as bookmarks.

From cows and birds to panda bears and other animals, a group of about 20 local Kindergarteners have spent the summer creating origami that will now be available for free at the Harrison Library.

Citing the therapeutic and educational benefits of creating the animals and other objects by folding a single piece of paper, the creation of the items has become a hit within the Harrison Japanese community. After completing the craft projects, many of the children donated their work to the library so other people can use them as bookmarks.

Harrison Library Director Galina Chernykh said the items are perfect for a back-to-school or back-to-work gift for anyone interested in bringing one home.

The items are available for free at the library starting this week.


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